Breast Cancer Tattoos For Men

breast cancer tattoos for men

    breast cancer

  • cancer of the breast; one of the most common malignancies in women in the US
  • Breast cancer (malignant breast neoplasm) is cancer originating from breast tissue, most commonly from the inner lining of milk ducts or the lobules that supply the ducts with milk.
  • cancer that starts in the breast.

    for men

  • For Men is an Italian magazine devoted to sex, health, nutrition, hobby, sport and other men’s issues. Its published in Milan, Italy by the publishing company Cairo Editore.
  • premature ejaculation – reaching orgasm before you want to; for many men this can mean before intercourse has begun or too soon after commencing intercourse.


  • (tattoo) stain (skin) with indelible color
  • (tattoo) a design on the skin made by tattooing
  • An evening drum or bugle signal recalling soldiers to their quarters
  • An entertainment consisting of music, marching, and the performance of displays and exercises by military personnel
  • A rhythmic tapping or drumming
  • (tattoo) a drumbeat or bugle call that signals the military to return to their quarters

Day 146

Day 146
I uploaded my wings yesterday, but never showed my other tattoo I got. Yes, this is on my wrist. Yes, I realize I am pushing the boundaries of "No visible tattoo’s in the work place" kinda of idea… and quite honestly I don’t care. I intend to own my own business, and if I can’t then I’ll deal with whatever happens when it happens. This tattoo kind of goes along with my other two on my hips. I decided to specify breast cancer with the ribbon because family of mine have dealt with it and thankfully conquered, but there have been those out there who lost the fight. I have been very avid on Breast Cancer Awareness and pray for a cure to come around very soon! Lastly to any woman (and men!) who are fighting breast cancer, STAY STRONG! DON’T GIVE UP! Now I can proudly support you the fight all the time. 🙂

UNLV trades scarlet for pink

UNLV trades scarlet for pink
Events honoring breast cancer survivors and to enlighten men and women on identifying the disease early include movies and seminars.

Photo by: Devin Loretz


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